Frequently ASKED questions

Will insurance cover the cost of PurePAP®?

Insurance will not cover the cost of PurePAP®, however we do accept (HSA) health savings account and (FSA) flexible spending accounts.

We are payable under 9274.

What comes with the Deluxe Set?

Everything you need to get started with PurePAP® comes with your order. This includes the PurePAP® device, sanitizing bag, two universal adapters to connect heated and non-heated hoses, as well as the charging adapter and charging cord.

Does PurePAP® work with APAP & BIPAP machines?

It absolutely does! With our universal adapters and sanitizing bag, it will work for all APAP & BIPAP models.

How does PurePAP clean CPAP equipment?

The technology used is called ‘activated oxygen” or ozone (O3). It is the same sanitization method used in the medical and water treatment industries.

Are there any filters or replacement parts required?

There are no filters or replacement parts needed with PurePAP. Zero maintenance required!

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