Customer Reviews

"Love This Tiny Device"

- Dave1114

"I did a lot of research before I purchased this machine, extremely happy with my purchase. It's very easy to use and will not only clean the hose and mask, but the machine too. (It does not require any liquid cleaners or filters.) To clean the mask, connect it to a hose, put it in the bag, zip it up. Set the PurePAP™ unit outside the bag, then turn the machine "On". Make sure to hold the "ON" button for at least two seconds to turn "on", it will automatically go to the default setting of a 20 minute cleaning cycle. You can easily change this setting for shorter or longer times. When finished, it automatically turn off.

Cleaning your machine is just as easy. One end of the hose connects to the your CPAP machine, the other end connects to the PurePAP™ unit. Turn the unit to time desired, it automatically turn off after cleaning cycle. All cleaning cycles clean for a short period of time. Example: The 20 minute time has a 10 minute cleaning and a 10 minute airing cycle. This helps prevent odors from remaining behind. This portable unit is extremely small and light, it will be great for traveling too."

"So far, pretty cool"

- Fred

"I waited for a week before reviewing so I could try this out a couple of times first. I can't honestly say that it is sanitizing since I really have nothing to test it with, but it "seems" better to me. It is cleaned with pure oxygen, so there is a little bit of an odor after cleaning. It's not bad and goes away pretty quickly.

It is a two part system. In one, you disconnected the hose and put the mask and head gear into the provided bag. Second part, you hook the other end of the hose to the cleaning machine with the provided adapter, then choose the amount of time you want the machine to run, with 20 minutes being the lowest.

The machine is quite small, uses a micro USB cord and ac plug to change and the charge lasts for about 6 hours worth of use, so it is perfect for traveling."

"Keeps my cpap Clean"

- horseygal

"I have owned my cpap machine for about 3.5 years and this little cleaner has cleaned the machine and mask better than any time I have ever done. It takes about 1 hr to do the machine and mask total, 30 minutes each. It worked amazingly well but I went back to buy the t-adaptor the next day so I can clean it in half the time. This is such a great investment, and the price was so much more affordable than the one 3x the price and in my opinion just as good and a whole lot more portable than that larger machine."

"Very Nice Machine"

- Abus5

"Great little machine. It is super easy to use and compact enough to always take it with you if traveling. Considerably easier than doing a full cleaning of the hose, mask, and machine all the time. Couldn't be happier with the purchase."

"Pretty Darn Good For the Money"

- PegH

"Product came in quick and worked right out of the box. The adapter for the heater hose wasn’t very snug but after some great customer service, an adapter came in the mail and snugged up the connection and prevented any leaking. After that, the item has worked flawlessly. There is the normal ozone odor once it’s run the cycle but ensuring it airs out for an hour will fix that. Overall, great product and well worth the money"


- Jawed
"I feel more comfortable knowing that I have done everything possible to keep my cpap machine and mask clean. The bag is a little too small for my Respronics Dreamwear mask. It gets all linked up in the bag. No problem! I use a 1 gallon zip lock bag. This machine does a great job! Even better than that, the customer service support couldn't be any better. I registered online and got my warranty extended from 12 months to 18 months and plus free filters for my Air Sense 10. Love everything about this device. Take that extra step and protect your health. Worth every penny!"

"Great Product"

- Sonic

"Extremely satisfied with this machine, and the company’s customer service. I use a CPAP every night, which means that it is very important that it be clean and safe. Prior to using this I was waking up with a lot of congestion. I was also having constant sinus issues. Two cleaning so far and each morning I woke up without the sinus issues. Originally I was a sceptic but now a true believer"

"It Really produces ozone"

- Willy

"I bought this in order to help my dad clean his CPAP and hoses.

Instructions are easy to follow and this cleaner is easy to use.

It takes 20-30 minutes to run depending on whether you are cleaning your hose or machine and definitely beats washing the hose manually. If you've smelled ozone before, you'll recognize the smell when using this machine (word of caution, do not directly breathe the ozone produced as it is not meant to be inhaled). The cleaner is not tiny, but fairly small and portable. Comes with a carrying case which can double up as a hose storage case."

"Great Product"

- serrandy7

"I bought Virtuclean cleaner several years ago and it was far more expensive. I like the idea of the ozone cleaning process and the ease. My previous cleaner was fine but louder and the port for the plug gave out and the company never returned a call or email to help me. I had a question for PurePAP™ and got an email return very quickly with a friendly and helpful response. This PurePAP™ unit is very quiet and I really like the 3 timer options plus the fresh air after to clean any scent out. So easy and portable. I'm thrilled!"

"A Healthier CPAP - Very Fast And Easy"

- Jrf70

"I purchased this CPAP cleaner for my mother. She has not been cleaning her mask which is very unhealthy. She had one a long time ago but it was very difficult and took a lot of time to take all the pieces apart, clean everything, and wait for it to dry, so she never used it. I saw this CPAP and bought it immediately.... it is totally different from the older one and makes everything super easy. She just connects it to the hose, puts the mask in the bag, and then presses the power button and let it begin. Next, she just connects the other side of it to the CPAP hose and repeats.

And it also has a built-in odor eliminating process, which has been great. The best part is that this system is battery operated. I gave this a full charge when she got it and so far it has done 8 cleaning cycles, and it still has a charge. It is also nice and small, so it has been easy for my mom to pack when she visits our family. To charge it she just uses a standard USB charger with a micro-USB connection. This has been a time saver and more importantly a healthier CPAP now."

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